NoSQL阵营真是繁荣,今天CassandraMongoDB都发布了其新版本,分别是cassandra 0.6.0 rc1及mongodb devel 1.5.0


 * JMX drain to flush memtables and run through commit log (CASSANDRA-880)
 * Bootstrapping can skip ranges under the right conditions (CASSANDRA-902)
 * fix merging row versions in range_slice for CL > ONE (CASSANDRA-884)
 * default write ConsistencyLeven chaned from ZERO to ONE
 * fix for index entries spanning mmap buffer boundaries (CASSANDRA-857)
 * use lexical comparison if time part of TimeUUIDs are the same
 * bound read, mutation, and response stages to fix possible OOM
   during log replay (CASSANDRA-885)
 * Use microseconds-since-epoch (UTC) in cli, instead of milliseconds
 * Treat batch_mutate Deletion with null supercolumn as "apply this predicate
   to top level supercolumns" (CASSANDRA-834)
 * Streaming destination nodes do not update their JMX status (CASSANDRA-916)
 * Fix internal RPC timeout calculation (CASSANDRA-911)
 * Added Pig loadfunc to contrib/pig (CASSANDRA-910)



- real time replication
- block until write replicated to N servers:…
- btree split optimization
- better repl pair failure detection
- map reduce locking/speed improvement
- distinct & group speed improvements
- ipv6 and unix socket support
- max radius on $near for geo




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