libredis-Redis PHP扩展


项目地址:libredis on github



$libredis = Libredis();
$connection = $libredis->get_connection("");
//set a key
$batch = $libredis->create_batch();
$batch->set('hello', 'world');
//now fetch the key
$batch = $libredis->create_batch();
while($batch->next_reply($reply_type, $reply_value, $reply_length)) {
      echo $reply_value, PHP_EOL;

实例二:(multiple server模式)

$libredis = Libredis();
$connection1 = $libredis->get_connection("");
$connection2 = $libredis->get_connection("");
$batch1 = $libredis->create_batch();
$batch1->set('hello', 'world'); //add a 'set' command to batch1
$batch2 = $libredis->create_batch();
$batch2->set('hello2', 'world2');
$executor = $libredis->create_executor();
$executor->add($connection1, $batch1); //associate connection1 with batch1
$executor->add($connection2, $batch2); //associate connection2 with batch2
//execute all batches against their corresponding connections in parallel, with a
//500 ms timeout on the whole operation.



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  1. PHP官方还没有redis的扩展么?感觉这个语法写的与PHP别的扩展习性差距比较大啊

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