Redis Cookbook

两位Redis爱好者:Tim LossenTed Nyman建立了一个名叫rediscookbook的网站。用于聚集大家在使用Redis过程中遇到的各种问题及解决方法,希望以此打造一个Reids问题的wiki平台。提交信息可通过他们在github上建立的rediscookbook项目。

Announcing …. The Redis Cookbook!
Please check out our new project:

The idea is to collect lots of recipes (short “how to” articles) about
Redis, covering everything from basics — how do the different commands
and datatypes work? — to rather complex topics like deployment and
replication scenarios, clever solutions, gotchas, workarounds, and

We hope the Cookbook will serve as a useful source of knowledge for
the entire Redis community. It is currently a work-in-progress, as we
have only just begun to write and add in the first recipes. But we
hope the collection will continue to grow, and eventually even be
published in book form.

The success of this project depends on a collaborative effort. So, we
invite you all to contribute — please go ahead, fork the github repo,
add (or improve) a recipe, and send us a pull request. Full credit
will be given to any contributor, and all recipes are covered by a
Creative Commons license.


Ted and Tim



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